Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This is THE KING-CROMARTIE HOUSE. It was built in 1907 by Edwin T. King. He was a boatwright and an early citrus grower. He was also the town's first builder. This was his third home which he built on the south bank of the New River. It remained in the King family until 1968. It was constructed with Dade County pine. The house is a four-square Georgian style. It was originally one-story, a second floor was added in 1911. It was barged to this site in downtown in 1971 to save it from demolition.

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  1. Hi again...told you I was going to check out your blog.

    Fascinating. We lived in Ft. L. for 20 plus years, moving to Ocala about 4 years ago. I don't remember this house, but probably drove by it once or twice.

    Great looking blog. I'm going to put you on my list.