Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is the newest ship in The Princess Cruise Line. She is just a year young and cost over $400 million dollars (US). She is 951 ft (290m) in length, has 19 decks and can do 23 knots (43km/h). With a crew of 1200, your ever wish can be met. 
She cruises The Caribbean in winter and does the transatlantic route to Europe in the spring. You can set sail from here to Barcelona on April 11 and/or return from Venice on October 11. 
All the ships in the Princess line have live webcams on their bridges. You may follow this link to their site and page down to BRIDGE CAM  and have a look. And one more thing, to get a better idea of the size of the Ruby Princess, click the above image and look directly under the bow. 


  1. Beautiful photo! That is some ship!

  2. Huge! We get them here too all the time during the season. Always great to watch.

  3. So Beautiful Been on her and was a wonderful cruise. Sheri

  4. I been there...