Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is how we grow vegetables in our backyard. Our growing season starts in fall and ends in spring. The summers are simply too hot. Our soil contains pest Nematodes that make it difficult to grow a vegetable garden in the ground. You may learn more about Nematodes by going here
We simply use 5 gal. containers, drill holes for drainage, add soil and seed. As you can see, my wife is having good luck with tomatoes this season. We also have beans, radishes, and other things. The product is organic, delicious, and rewarding.


  1. They look very yummy...
    This year I will be planting some too

  2. They do look good; especially after bringing home stuff from Publix that is inedible!

    You must be a healthy couple! LOL!

  3. So interesting to see 'winter' gardening. Those tomatoes look delicious. I know about nematodes - I'm forever waging war on slugs at my allotment, also vine weevils in my outdoor container plants at home.