Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Many people are aware of our world-wide reputation as a marine center and hub for all things nautical. Most of the larger yachts and super-yachts put in here for repairs and service. Fewer are aware that we play a very large role in private aviation. The above plane, as an example, could be available for sale or charter. How much, you might ask? Well if you are like me and have to ask, we can't afford it.


  1. Beautiful livery, it's an Embraer I think. Which airport is this? There is a smaller one for executive jets?
    You are right about asking "how much", and this applies not only to planes.

  2. Good thing I hate to fly! I know I couldn't afford it.

  3. I watch only the photo, the rest is not for me, I can not afford me ... good night from Italy

  4. I've often been amazed at how many non-regular airline planes are based at the Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale airport.

    Most interesting to me was the fact that a Navy base was still on the grounds - well, it was a few years ago.